Tin Toy Catalogues  1953 - 1959


This is the catalogue as issued between 1953 and 1956. The booklet was sized DIN A 5 (148 x 210 mm). The front cover page is multi-coloured, the pictures inside always black/white, the text either unique black or the 2nd language in blue.
 Version English - German

Known to be marked as "Made in U.S. Zone Germany" and "Made in Western Germany"

German- French - Edition Franz Carl Weber - still showing prices of 1951/52
German - English German - French German - Italian German - Spanish

Edition 1959 / 1960 - French-German - showing 16 instead of "only" 12 pages. Shows the 1510 as Novelty.

This version is as well known in English - German.

Also known in English-German, showing a different front- and backside cover
A "Specials" catalogue from 1959 - no train - toys only. Items described in 2 up to 5 languages.

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