Tin Toy Catalogues  1948 - 1952

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All catalogues are bi-lingual and are from the early years of Biller. They differ slightly in text and the shown starter sets on the backside. The main difference however is the drawing and the mention of the "running light" (neutral gear). These catalogues remained valid until early 1953 - novelties were presented then.

Catalogue 1948 - English - German, English cover

English cover

incl. drawing - no "running light"



Catalogue 1949 - German - Dutch  -  German cover

176 KB


Catalogue 1949-1952 - German - French - German cover, was found in a 600 Set sold in Cologne at the Kaufhaus Merkur previously Frank


Catalogue 1949-1952 - German - French - German cover, as issued by FCW in Switzerland, shows prices

as above - but issued by FCW Auch bei FCW - mit Preisen

to the catalogues after 1952

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