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Here you can see some documents and pictures related to Biller. 

Christmas pictures collection As printed in the April 1954 issue of the retailers Journal "Das Spielzeug"

Xmas page

Das Spielzeug 1954 Hans Biller himself the corresponding text

Hans Biller himself (second from left) together with German politicians on the Nuremberg Toy Fare. Take a look at the toys displayed there.

A short letter signed by Hans Biller himself

and the corresponding envelope

an original invoice

again himself

Biller letter with original signature Biller envelope Original Biller invoice 1968


2 original invoices - for a customer in New Zealand Sock advertising as of 1959 From a German Train Journal 1962
original invoice 1969 original invoice 1971 sock advert German Journal advert

a picture from 1978 showing the "Biller sell-out" assortment  - as offered by Tucher & Walther 

This is an advert of a German producer of light systems - published in 2001. Billerbahn is still alive!!!


another advert
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