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Leaflets and Advertising

AA-gun - in a catalogue from 1939 Race Cars and Slugger Advertising
shown in an unknown catalogue Race cars and Sluggers

Biller out of Munich (ca. 1953/54)

Starter sets in the overall view as of 1953

Biller sold at Obletter -Toy Store in Munich Biller sold at Obletter -Toy Store in Munich

in German, English, French and Italian, the left leaf shows only the Biller "B" and  the handwritten date 12.3.53, the right one says "Hans Biller....."


Supplementary sets as of 1953 until 1962

another early leaflet

Track layouts - 1960 and later

Supplementary sets - 4 languages

leaflet before 1957 - showing cars 501 - 507 99 KB 100 KB

in German, English, French and Spanish

showing cars 501 - 507 single leaflet - in German - French
Train Set Advertising - the railroad crane 514 is presented on the back side - 1964 Train Sets 240 and 1640 Level Crossing Novelty 1965
Advertising as of 1964 the railroad crane 514 Sets 240 and 1640
first edition of Billerbahn electric German and English Version 1956 Swedish and Spanish Version The German and French FCW Version of this leaflet - showing prices of 1956
first edition "Billerbahn Elektrisch"

Englisch version from 1956

das kommt mir Spanisch vor German FCW_versionFrench FCW-version

European A5 size, only front side printing - mentions the 1600 E set

Billerbahn electric - German and French - front page lists locos 1500 E and 1020 with Tender 1022 - Sets now listed on the backside - approx. 1958


as described above - now in English

Billerbahn electric - German - different Layout - now also showing sets 1650 and 1660 E - 1959???


Just one of multiple leaflets showing Billerbahn, German text only and German prices - 1958

one of the earliest leaflet - estimated 1953

one of the earliest leaflet - estimated 1953

one of the earliest leaflet - estimated 1953

one of the earliest leaflet - estimated 1953


a Biller leaflet as of 1964


same 1964 leaflet from the Netherlands


FCW-Version from 1964 with handwritten add-ons and prices from 1966


the successor as of 1966 - the 1013 as novelty - and printed prices


Now presenting a leaflet / add-on from 1971. Don't get confused by the "abnormal" format - it is as it is. Presentation is as it would be laying unfolded in front of you. The last page is just half  DIN A5 size (half size of the other pages - European paper format). 


The picture now shows a later version of the middle part of the above shown leaflet - showing the original prices. These were partially "blacked-out" in the previous version - possibly as a result of a too early release. Else the leaflet shows the same pictures and text.


And the always found slogan: " ... as boys like to do it"


in the retailers journal "Das Spielzeug" 1966

a leaflet which was included in a 1410 Electric MiniSport box - approx.1967 / 68 - quite interesting because of the mentioned 410 MiniSport

leaflet as published for the 22nd Intl. Nuremberg Toy Fare in 1971

out of the journal "Das Spielzeug"

Toy Fare leaflet 1971

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