Chassis / Bogies

From the Beginning - respectively 1956 until the bitter End
There are many different types of Bogies / Chassis known and shall subsenquently be displayed here.  In general there are 2-axle and double-axle Chassis known. 
2-Axle Chassis 
At the 2-axle Chassis the overall length is 85 mm, the axle distance is 25 Millimeters and used at small Freigt Cars, e.g. 001 Tipper, 501 through 509 as well as for all small Battery Tenders.
2-axle Chassis, bottom side, marked "Made in US Zone Germany" and "Germany" - 2 different fonts and sizes known 2-axle Chassis, bottom side - no marking. What the 2 punched holes each side of the buffer are good for is yet to my knowledge. Came to me as seen here.
2-axle Chassis - different Text scales unmarked 2-axle Chassis
These Chassis are known in mainly Green, but also Red, Blue and Black. Inside colour may vary and not necessarily the same as the outside colour.
2-axle Chassis, bottom side, marked "Made in Germany" and "Germany" 2-axle chassis from the 505 long timber transporter, red lithographed on the inside, and for cost reasons the 4th coupling was "saved" from the factory.
"Made in Germany" different colours inside
Double Axle Bogies
  The double-axle Bogies have an overall length of 55 Millimeters and an axle distance of 21 Millimeters. These Bogies were 1st used at the 511 Side Tipper in 1956 and subsequently used for Freight and Passenger Cars with 4 axles in total - except the 505 through 507! There was NO inscription.
Twin axle bogi of the 511 Side Tipper   
Bogy of a 511 Side Tipper Top side TBC TBC
4-axle Chassis
The double-axle bogies described above were used in the 4-axle wagons from 1956 onwards. The top varied depending on the model
Just as an example, 1 chassis from the battery passenger / package car  
open  battery chassis more  to follow
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