Biller Plastic Cars


Plastic cars found on the Biller 515 car transporter
Here are the "real Hammer" models
Real Thing??? This picture shows two BMW 507, one VW KARMANN and a DKW 3=6 - and the HAMMER insignia. The roof is removable - the axles are grey.

The following cars were found on the car coach 515. There were several different types available, European and non- European style, each in 4 different colours and shades. These models where produced by HAMMER - but have never been a separate part of the Biller assortment. The wheels and axles are made of plastic and either white or black. Some models carried their type name imprinted inside under the roof. Additionally "GERMANY" was imprinted. Some models had no marking at all. I acquired a 515 Car Transporter in the original box - and it contained cars which I didn't consider to be original. But this was obviously wrong. All of them have a length from 59 - 61 mm and are made of hard plastic.


the BMW 508 theBMW 508

DKW 3 = 6 DKW - 3 cylinder 2 stroke


Citroen DS 19 Citroen DS 19

Fiat 1800 Fiat 1800



Mercedes 220 Daimler Benz 220


VW Karmann Ghia VW Karmann

VW Beetle Beetle

"nearly all" A small list representing all other cars found so far on the 515 car transporter. Except for the Borgward Isabella the cars do not have any inscription
nearly all of my car transporters Borgward Isabella
Unknown Mini Van
Radio Control Car -  soft plastic
American style limousine
A lot of models
Available in different colors and shades

Plastic cars found at the 200 Dockland
trucks delivered with the Dockland  cars delivered with the Dockland
Soft plastic trucks were available in different colors. They have a length of 95 mm. The loading ramp is movable - inside the cabin there is a number (2 at the yellow - 4 at the red truck) The soft plastic cars are reasonable smaller than the cars for the 515 car transporter (48 mm), don't have any inscription. Used as load for the trucks


Wiking cars found at the 1430 Traffic Game and 1440 Highway
Mercedes 190 SL and Opel VW Bulli and Ford 17 M


Blue truck - as trash truck - found this one in a 1440 "HIGHWAY"
trash truck


Plastic car(s) found at the 095 Dock Yard Crane and the 115 Helicopter
Porsche 356Manurba LKW Porsche 356 and pick up truck- hard plastic made by Manurba - Manfred Urban, Bamberg
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