Biller Layouts


On this page you will find pictures of Biller Layouts from cellars, attics, hobby rooms and Faires.
My Diorama Webmasters Biller Diorama  Layout Schladerbusch Werner Schladerbusch

 Bremen Toy Faire 2002

Euromodell 2002 Layout Gasser from Switzerland Hugo Gasser
Bremen Toy Faire 2004

Bremen Toy Faire 2004

Layout Birkenbeil

Tobias Birkenbeil

 Layout Thieme

Klaus Thieme

 Layout Bigalk Jörg Bigalk

 Layout Mack

Klaus Mack

Layout Schambach Dirk Schambach

Boston - March 2006

TCA - Boston Toy Show

Layout Heigenhauser

Walter Heigenhauser

 Layout Gebhardt

Detlef Gebhardt

the Luxemburg' regulars' table

 Layout Burchartz

Sven Burchartz

Several Layouts





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