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last update : Autumn 2014

Xmas 1961 - good old timesJust shortly after being born - at the age of 32 month - I saw "my" first TRIX EXPRESS Model Train underneath our Xmas tree in 1961. But this present wasn't actually destined for me. 

But how should I have realized. Well - finally the years came where I was allowed to play with that nice little 3-rail DC train for several years. And the train disappeared again on the attic of our house. And was discovered again in That's all for me????1986 - conditions as being "banned" in 1974.

By visiting second hand shops and flea markets I completed and even extended the initial stock. But just until our 1st child was due to be born - housing space was too small at that time - and all the train display had to be removed again. So I decided to concentrate on collecting the TRIX EXPRESS. 

1998 - TRIX has ceased production of the EXPRESS series in 1995 - I changed the topic - collecting now Tin Toys produced by Johann Biller of Nuremberg.

Meanwhile I hadGreat pleasure - playing with a TRIX 3-rail DC Train finished school, made a short "intermezzo" as chemical assistant in a textile company and then went joining the German Air Force. I retired in July 2014  - however still working part-time as a freelance Air Traffic Controller on a Regional Airport 200 km north of Berlin.  

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