Catalogues of specialized shops and (mail) order companies
Obletter is one of the most and best reputed Toy dealers in Munich / Germany
"Das schöne Spielzeug" - Obletter edition 1953 out of the catalogue 1957

out of the catalogue 1961 / 62

Showing toys and trains. Check the offered train set underneath the wharf crane - never listed in any Biller document. Please check the VEDES catalogues as well - there is a similar set in the VIRNICH Toy Store catalogue
the 1963 / 64 catalogue - offering Biller
Obletter Toy Store Munich 1963 / 64 as of now only train and train sets offered, e.g. sets 235 and others - using "internal" numbering - and the supplementary set E-1 (2nd version). Some items still to be clarified.
the 1964/65 catalogue 1965 catalogue by Obletter - raising prices
Obletter Toy Store Munich 1965 once more Obletter from 1965

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