supported by Klaus Thieme at the

Euromodell 2004 - 1.European Championship for Narrow Gauge Model Railways

at the Exhibition Centre of  Bremen

Thursday, NOV-11-2004: Here I go again. Everything went well and 4 hrs. later I arrived in Bremen. Built up the layout in 3 hours - took a little longer since I was alone.

Take a look at the picture - several different models and toys in regard to 2002

bevor opening

not yet opened nothing missing??? everything in place???

After the build-up I placed the toys - about 300 different pieces.

Klaus in "his element"


Friday, NOV-12-2004: A lot of people came and visited this fare - especially on Saturday and Sunday

the owner what's going on here????


My locos towed all different kinds and lengths of trains. My 1500 E pulled ten tippers for 22 hours (sometimes even 18 wagons). Unfortunately my 2nd 1500 had a breakdown while replacing the "good one"

Will have to find a solution how to repair or replace the drive.

minor incident

take a look - there!!!!! "leisure time" webmaster


And again it was the older generation, which was reminded of younger times, willing to enter beyond our barrier, sit down and start playing with us. To my pleasure there were several youngsters how where very familiar with all the displayed trains - I really appreciate Fathers and grandfathers have their kids play the Biller Toys.

And often the words "Take a look - I had that toys as well. Can't remember where they are now". Or "I trashed it...." - some remembered"...still on the attic. Got to get it back downstairs". And I heard "Haven't seen that one yet".



On Saturday I was supported: Klaus Thieme came from Bonn (400 Km) in a high-speed ICE train to visit and help me - and for sure play the Biller Toys. We had lots of fun. Thank you Klaus.

"Amazing - that was our youth" Hmmm - Ma's Cheese cake !!!!


Thanks to all those who came to Bremen especially to see this Biller layout. I hope that nobody was disappointed by what I have presented. This layout will be displayed again.

I think Klaus was still winding clockworks while sitting in the train back home :-)

Here he is winding my oldest 500 green steam loco - this engine made 3 days without any problems.

take a look - in my eyes !!!!!!!

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