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at the Bremen

Euromodell 2002

Subtitle "Extreme Billering"

Thursday, Nov 21st: Jörg Dressel and I get prepared and packed my moduled Biller Layout onto a trailer. Then we drove to Bremen - 300 Km in 5 hrs. - just like nothing - and immediately built-up the layout. Took us 2 hrs. Afterwards we made the first checkout displaying all available (packed) toys



Friday, Nov 22nd: Here we go - finally. A lot of people came and visited this fare - especially on Saturday and Sunday

Our engines made their circles in all possible combinations and different length's. Jörgs 1500 E pulled seven (as an average) 001 tippers for 24 hrs, my 1550 pulled five 4-axle goods-wagons for 16 hrs. - and we didn't have any severe incidents. Even helicopters went airborne - absolutely nothing which wasn't in motion at least once a day - even we both were in motion all the time :-)


We managed to have up to 7 trains run simultaneously (clockwork and battery), requiring an increased attention to what is going on - "normally just" 5 trains - and beside that we answered the questions all the visitors had. Such as: "Is this still produced? Do you build this train new now? That is made in Japan, isn't it? That's not digital? (no joke!!!!) Can't you switch the switchers / points electrically? On the other hand the older generation, which was reminded of younger times, willing to enter beyond our barrier, sit down and start playing with us. And often the words "Take a look - I had that toys as well. Can't remember where they are now". Or "I trashed it...." - some remembered"...still on the attic. Got to get it back downstairs". 

Folks - get the train out and play it !!!!

If you don't want to or can not play the Biller toys - let Jörg and me do it! By the way: "Extreme Billering" makes extremely hungry :-)


<--- And to be honest - minor repairs had to be done. But in general we had no problems operating this layout - and we had lots


Thanks to all those who came to Bremen especially to see this Biller layout. I hope that nobody was disappointed by what we have presented. And - promised - we will appear again somewhere at some time.


Finally 4 pictures showing the Biller layout during 3 really nice days - we had a lot of fun



Next time we know what we had forgotten this time for the worlds premiere :-)

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