Billerbahn Diesel engines - battery driven 

All solo (without truck) battery driven engines have the cogwheel switch and a black plastic roof. Available from 1966. Axle cover information can be seen here.
The last discovery is a somehow holographic "B" at the left lower corner of the cabin's right side. This letter appears on locos after 1966 and it seems to me that it was somehow punched. I have found B's at the 1013 and 1013B - however I have one red el. Diesel without this mark. This mark is (not) yet found at the 1013 A and 1013 E.
  "B" on a 1013 "B" on a 1013 B "B" on a 1013 O "B" on a 1013 BG
 Holograph on a 1013 Holograph on a 1013 B as prooved on the bright green loco 

the green  1013

All green 1013 show the "Made in U.S.-Zone Germany" inscription on the backside of the cabin, "013" on the cabin, they all have the new switch (green or black) and a black plastic roof.

1st version: 1966 until 1970. Red chassis and engine housing. Brass-motor with inserted axles covers. The switch in significant different green - we call it petrol - it might be Teal???

The so far listed 1b: silver motor with inserted axle covers "got lost" in my database. Appears possible since this version on the right side has already the successive frame which was designed to embed the larger silver Bühler engine..

2nd version: 1971 and 1972. Black chassis, red engine housing. Silver Bühler engine with "on top" axle housings


1013 der ersten Generation 2. Generation mit schwarzem Rahmen


2nd Version variety - showing the clockwork hole as known from the plastic steam loco as well

3rd version: 1973 until 1978. Red chassis, red engine housing. Silver Bühler engine with "on top" axle housings  

Version No. 2a: clockwork hole

lestzte lok dieser Reihe
Lithography of the 1013 from the rear and from the front
cabin rear of the 1013 cooler of the 1013
the light blue / orange 1013
Superstructure light-blue / orange, roof and flat switch light-blue, red chassis and engine housing. Superstructure of the hood lithographed as shown at the 1013 A (see below), the cabin rear shows "BILLER", below the Biller-B and "Made in Western Germany" - "1013" on the doors and indicated stairs.  This version was new in 1957 - as said in the corresponding FCW catalogue. In Germany possibly already 1956.  
Quite interesting to see the key-hole of a 013 - even though this engine has an electric drive.   and the "normal" Version
American Style? without Keyhole
 "intermediate version" - red chassis and blue motor housing. The keyhole "disappeared"
1013 E - colour hodge-podge no Keyhole
now having light blue chassis and engine housing. The hole for the clockwork key is missing  
1013 E - mainly light blue  Light blue motor housings were available around 1960, but obviously they failed to convince producer and customers - as the Bright green housings at the clockwork locos.
 The corresponding battery truck 1015 with blus chassis and the version on red chassis
truck 1015 with blue chassis truck 1015 with red chassis
the original box for the 1013 E... ... contained the French leaflet
long Original Box 1013 E imprinted / stamped French leaflet out of the 1013 E box French offers from approx. 1957
Colour scheme copied from the SEABOARD AIRLINE RAILROAD - at least a LIONEL model exists showing this colour variety from 1954. Were both blue / orange Biller locos designed for the American market?
the blue / yellow 1013 A

1st version: imprinted 1013, blue / yellow superstructure, red chassis and red engine housing. Indicated stairs both sides of the cabin - on the right side of the hood it says "2-B".  Right and left side of the hood with different lithography. This engine came out in 1968 - together with the Zoo sets and was available as single as well.

2nd version having a black chassis - 1971 and 1972. After 1972 Version 1 was delivered again.

just a "normal" 1013 A

1013 A with black frame
cabin backside shows the "Biller-B" with key and "Made in Western Germany". The hood shows cooling slots. Front cooler lithographed differently to the 1013 and 1013 B
cabin rear cooler
did they simply forget the cooler litho? Definitely NOT self-made!!!
missing cooler litho

the red 1013 B


1st version: red superstructure, black chassis and black engine housing. All red engines had no inscription except the "Biller-B" on the cabin door - Novelty 1971

2nd version: red superstructure, black chassis and red engine housing.  


3rd version: as above however now red chassis - 1973 and later 

the 1013 B lithography from the rear and the front
cabin rear of the 1013 B hood of the 1013 B
the orange 1013
orange superstructure, black chassis and red engine housing, lithography as shown at the 1013 B - 1971 and 1972
the orange 1013 the orange 1013
the bright green 1013
bright green superstructure, black chassis and red engine housing, lithography as above - 1971 and 1972 and the other side
the bright green 1013  the other side
the green 1020 E

1020 E as seen in several leaflets. Basically a 013, flat switch, here we have a light blue engine housing and red chassis. Additionally the 2 holes on the backside of the cabin for the wire connection to the battery truck. Available approx. 1957 /592. What the battery truck 1022 looks like is still not known

Unverified version: shows at least red-blue motor housing, the cog-wheeled switch and the large dome on the rear cabin roof - and has the contact holes. My conclusion is that this model was configured / assembled from left-overs after the bankrupty.
 is this the legendary 1020 E?


and the version having a red engine housing. Was it available without keyhole as well???

And there are two colours of the roof known

now having a red clockwork cover


Was it available without keyhole as well? YES - such a version came up end of November 2017 - offered at an online auction platform. But the pictures were not very significant to proove its originality!

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