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the green  013


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This green engine was the first ever produced by Biller. The roof was available in several grey and beige shades. The first locos from 1948 had door handles made of steel, later models had handles made of aluminium. Flat knob switches were available until 1965 - thereafter they had the form of a cogwheel. All dark-green 013 show the "Made in U.S.-Zone Germany" inscription on the backside of the cabin. The small elevation on the roof was designed to prevent scratched when the loco was wound in the 017 engine shed. Axle cover information can be seen here.

1st version: from 1948, printed 013 on the cabin, red frame and dark green clockwork housing, flat switch, engine hood equally lithographed both sides, roof dark grey. The very first versions had NO "neutral" gear. This Loco also appeared as "mixed" version - aluminium handles and neutral gear, steel handles and NO neutral gear

2nd version: as mentioned above - however now door and hood handles made of aluminium. The clockwork has "Neutral gear" now. At least some of this version have the "clear colour coated" cooler.

 first version 013 bright green clockwork cover

Front Lithography of the 013. Left side the very first version (and partially the 2nd version as well) "clear colour coated" cooler - right side the later version without coating.

Special: the "assembly trainee" simply mis-assembled the switch. And this is NOT the only version I have seen
cooler of the 013 wrong assembled switch simply wrong
3rd version: as previous version - however now bright green clockwork housing, roof dark grey. 4th version: as mentioned above - roof light grey.
hellgrünes Uhrwerk, dunkles Dach hellgrünes Uhrwerk, helles Dach
Bright green clockwork housings were available around 1960, but obviously they failed to convince producer and customers - as the light blue housings at the battery locos.
5th version: red frame, red clockwork housing, flat switch, roof dark grey 6th version: red frame, red clockwork housing, flat switch, roof light grey
red clockwork, flat switch, roof dark grey 013 Version 6 - roof light grey


7th version: red frame, red clockwork housing, flat switch, roof cream Roof colour comparison version 5 - 7

 013 Version 7 - cream roof

roof colour comparison


8th version: between 1966 and 1969 - as Version 7 - now showing the higher switch of the battery Diesels, which is significantly higher than the cream rooftop. The difference in height of the switches is a result of the fact, that the electric motor is 2,7 mm smaller than the clockwork motor. In most cases the switch shows a different green than the body.  

9th and (hopefully) last version: This roof now shows the large dome at the rear. This roof was delivered as of 1969 / at the latest 1971 after the red engines were presented - and again having the "regular" cog-wheeled switch. Cream roof.

the last version - regular cog-wheeled switchh

next to last version - switch of the 1013


This engine still has the "small dome" on the rear side of the roof - and has problems to pass through the engine shed!!!



After 1974 this version had NO axle cover and NO clockwork housing inside the cabin.


Clockwork housings were NEVER available in bright blue


finally both roofs in comparison. two different green shades of the 1st and 2nd version - see the false mounted direction knob

both different roofs - and switches

green shades
from the rear

this picture taken from a 1013 - but it is the same except the black frame

and then we have both 1st and 2nd version showing a strange hole on both sides of the clockwork housing - nobody knows what they are / were there for
cabin rear of the 013 strange hole
and a version having a dark green cabin and the "later green" hood The 1st Version original box
two different greens ancient 013 box
the light blue / orange 013
Superstructure light-blue / orange, roof and flat switch light-blue, red frame and clockwork housing. Different  Lithography, the cabin rear shows "BILLER", below the Biller-B and "Made in Western Germany" - "1013" on the doors and indicated stairs. Windows have a white frame. Offered from 1958
and just recently this version showed up: a cabin without the holes for the power plugs... ... I received this loco dismantled in parts, clockwork broken,...  
seems to be a "normal" 013E   cabin without plug holes
...presenting a dark green clockwork, which is - handpainted - bright-blue at the wheelhouse. The frame is bright-blue. I consider all as absolut original.
 handpainted bright-blue clockwork handpainted bright-blue clockwork
the bright green clockwork indicates an issue date around 1960

Beginning with this version the cabins always show the holes for the power plugs,
necessary for the battery driven version

mit hellgrünem Uhrwerk mit hellgrünem Uhrwerk
first appeared in the 1958 price list
Last version with red frame and clockwork cover different litho
American Style? different litho
This version ALWAYS has the holes for the battery cables - even though this engine has clockwork drive. Even the cooler has a new "Layout" - in comparison to the other Diesels.
from the rear the cooler
Colour scheme copied from the NW2 LIONEL model of the SEABOARD AIRLINE RAILROAD - issued 1954. This colour scheme never existed in real. 

Were both blue / orange Biller locos designed for the American market?


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