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Werner Böttcher, Dortmund


I don't have any details about this company. Found a 8-pages store-made leaflet /advert while "cleaning-up" my rubbish here. Very interesting because this is the first paper which mentions the Billerbahn as "Biller-Narrow Gauge" - never seen before. The below shown advert is printed on page 6. Translation:

The Biller Narrow Gauge train HO

This narrow gauge train on HO-track reflects a real gauge of 750 mm. The locomotives have a 4-volt motor, the batteries are located in the first towed wagon. Some prices...

mentioning the 1500 steam loco, the 1013 Diesel, 520 passenger coach, baggage coach, brown goods wagon, the 511 side tipper, and the 001 tipper.

The text below the picture says "The Biller Train operates on Fleischmann HO-track and switches (article No. 1600 and 1700)".

Due to the prices I estimate this leaflet to be from 1960, since the picture is the same as shown in the 1959 / 1960 catalogue.

There are other products shown in this leaflet: e.g. Liliput, Rivarossi, HAMO-Multiplex multi train operation, Tri-ang in HO and TT and finally some MÄRKLIN coach construction sets. I really love all the prices !!!

Headline of the leaflet the small advert
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