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I'm very proud to present a Biller Layout which I recently bought. So this is nothing which really derived from my thoughts - but could have. Anyway this layout found an adequate home.

The two modules were built by a professional layout constructor in 2000 - and was already displayed at an exhibition of the Wuppertal Town Services. The seize is currently 4,35 x 0,53 m - and may be (and will be) extended a little.

A really good job done - displaying a log loading area, a peat bog and a quarry. There is also a "holding point Mooreck" - no really station - and a turning point. Craftsmen have been removed since they weren't to scale and found another job on previous owners Gauge I layout. So something is missing.

But see yourself - enjoy.

layout overview log section towards the peat bog

from peat bog to quarry

heading towards quarry

overview view over the log section towards the peat bog from peat bog to quarry heading towards quarry
from left to right towards the quarry - looks like lunch break
mountain's still there holding point "Mooreck" and turn-around enroute passing again the quarry  ...
... towards the peat bog lunchtime at the peat bog as well
break - but the peat is ready to be loaded the "oiler" log loading section
Since mid of December 2005 the above shown diorama was extended. SO here we have some pictures of this right side extension.
 the "old" layout in the background in the foreground - the "new" right side extension loading area - 0e Biller to O-Faller track side view
 EfZet floor runner and Bing-coach tippers have unloaded Bing - approx. 1930 bumper at the 0-track
 Entrance to the wood - and gravel terminal break 013 and gondolas - waiting for new order on the way back to the quarry at the track-triangle
 new load for ... ... the log storage MAN - tractor in between workers hut
Despite originally intended to start the completion of this diorama in 2005 / 2006 - the time has come just some 12 years later (as some major infrastructural project in Germany take even longer to get started or completed!) to go ahead. After completion the layout will be either "U"-shaped with a seize of 4,94 x 2,10 meters (16.2 x 6.89 feet) or "L"-shaped with a seize of then 6,70 x 2,10 meters (21,98 x 6.89 feet).
In order to enable circular traffic on either the "L"- or "U"-shaped layout I decided to create 2 individual track crossings. Took me a while to get to this solution - but it works perfect.
 Layout Left side  right side incl Depot   individual cross-overs
both possible layouts as .pdf / not to scale Overview of the left side with Transition points to the adjacent part, Control Posts and Station... ...and the right side, incl. small Station (Schumann), Pedestrian Bridge (Beckh) and Depot with Engine Shed individual track cross-over 
 HWN Control post  Kibri HO Control post  Adolph Schumann Station Detail in between 
 with the corresponding HWN control post Kibri HO control and signal bridge - not to scale but cute!  small version of a 0-Gauge Schumann Station - to be replaced by the large version of this model.    Details between Station and Depot 
Since February 2018 part No. 4 is finally completed. It took me just 12 year to get done - but at least faster than building a new Capitol Airport in Berlin or the main Train Station in Stuttgart! The last part shows some equipment which was not made by Biller but is typical for that era - some not to scale but cute, e.g. the station was made by Adolph Schumann (pre-war), the Control Post made by HWN, Signalbridge by KIBRI, Footbridge and wooden barrels in the Depot by BECKH, Animals by PLAHO (former GDR) and the cars mainly from nowadays Penny Toy Producers made in China. Don't care - cute and typical of the time.
brick laying complete gates from Zoo-fences privacy protection Central
brick laying complete - 3950 pieces of brick gates made from Zoo-fences  privacy-protection to prevent spying in the middle
passing the control post wildlife Depot with details refilled and maintained
leaving the station - going enroute real wildlife depot - SHELL-barrels by Biller, wooden barrels by BECKH - self-made coal bunker to operate the remaining steam locos   refilled and maintained - ready for departure
transition to part No. 3 transition to part No. 3 "Tail section" "Tail section"
 transition to the 3rd part of the Diorama - from both sides Tail section - as well from both sides
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