Biller layout by Klaus Thieme


Showing a combined Biller / Märklin layout - created and built (and still being built) by Klaus Thieme. The large outer circle allows several historical Märklin Gauge 0 Locos and coaches to keep in motion - the inner circle is reserved for the narrow gauge Billerbahn.

The Märklin material is mainly pre-war - from 1932-1939, combined with some re-make locos e.g. the Tenderloco TK 70/12920 made by Hehr. The accessories made by Bing, Bub, Märklin and Thieme. The figures - more than 60 - are re-makes from old Elastolin - and Hauser figures of the 30th. Seize of the Layout: ca. 4,50 x 2,30 m all around the room incl. a removable bridge at the door section.

General overview Märklin TK 70 / 12920 remake by HEHR towing a Freight train

view over the Main Station

Märklin TK 70 / 12920 remake towing a freight train

at the loading ramp the area right side of the main station
at the loading ramp the area right of the main station
Main Station by Bing - ca. 1930 "all occupied"
 Bing Main Station - ca. 1930 "all occupied"
... maintenance is important... "Hello??? Anybody there???
important maintenance no operator?
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