Biller Layout by Werner Schladerbusch


Werner wrote: "I presented my Layout on OCT-14-2006 for the first time to the public. It was an immense success. Visitors were surprised and astonished about this layout. Many of them never heard of Billerbahn before. They were quite amazed about the quality and gaming value.
My thought was to get the trains "really run" - therefore I have created a square layout of 4 x 4 meters - to enable the trains to go on long straight tracks. I created 3 circles - connected by only 1 switcher each - to allow breaks without watching the trains - and talk to visitors and answer their questions".

The premier took place in a High School in Uslar.

the "Questionnaire" long straight track - and a blue Giant 1830 and the 2nd blue Giant 1830 Gigantic

immer wieder in Gespräch mit interessierten Besuchern

in the overall view

Meanwhile Werner took part in 2 other exhibitions. He wrote: "...

I took much (secret) pleasure in watching the "specialists" with their digital Maerklin layouts who needed a complete morning to get their layouts work - and my layout just worked from the beginning!! Comments of several visitors: "Hurray - something's running !" And my stock performed well. After 2 days the wheels were totally blank - and I always had 3 trains running ! The visitors again were surprised and fascinated - especially the Kids were impressed by this Toy Train. Superstructure, colours and functions are still in fascinating - even though we have a computerizes era. Some of the kids were allowed to start and stop engines - they wouldn't want to leave !

And I took my personal pleasure - because I'm not able to build up the layout at home. thus I had as much pleasure as the visitors.


presented at the Uslar High School OCT-11th and 12th 2008


still empty long track section other direction gigantic

getting crowded 1500 and self-made tender miscellaneous "Reality scene"
"animalistic" 1500 with black roof and self-made tender ... himself Be my Guest on my ramp
  ... running on Maerklin wheels   hosting a remote controlled guest-loco

Werner's comment: Each Billerfan follows his own Philosophy! One of my thoughts is to have a flexible layout - no fixation of track - because Billerbahn is a toy - and that shall be expressed by this.

Another thought is to present long track sections to guarantee a better presentation of trains. Too much accessories would distract attention from trains!

The main disadvantage of these points is that it takes quite long until the layout is ready to be played with. On the other hand configuration may be altered easily during assembly.

Take a look and judge yourself - I hope you like it!


presented at the Uslar High School OCT-09th and 10th 2010

2010 again - Werner Schladerbusch presenting his layout with slightly changed details. You will discover new and changed scenes and details.
integrated 2000 driven wrong? Stuck 755 Debris-removal - supported by 750 Hard work for the 1550-2
1800 on false ramp Busy at the 1820 E at the workshop Display corner

On the available DVD the black and green 1510 making their circuits - and the black 1510 at hard work on a historical Märklin bridge.

black and green 1510 making "their circuits" black 1510 at work
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