Hugo Gasser and his childhood dream

Mr. Gasser and I have been in contact for quite a time - without having ever met. Some day in Autumn 2007 I received a mail saying, that someone will contact me who is willing to publish an journal article about the Billerbahn. "No problem" was my answer. Well - just 1 or 2 days later Mr. Kalberer from the Swiss Journal LOKI contacted my, asking me whether he may use some details from this website to supplement his report about Mr. Gassers Biller-layout - sure - no problem :-)

The journal was issued in DEC 2007 - and as I saw the pictures of Mr. Gassers layout - I nearly started crying for joy. I'd never expected that - amazing - great ideas simply put into action.

Mr. Gasser and LOKI agreed that I may publish the pictures here as well - at least some of them. Thanks for that approval. I have chosen 16 pictures - lots of Bytes - only short comments by me - just look at the pictures, especially the details. You will be amazed. Worth the time.

the complete layout from left to right - passing through the stairway
12 detailed pictures - just enjoy it ...
... detailed and rich in ideas ... ... and typical (self-made) Swiss Varieties
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