Biller Layouts and Show cases


Several Layouts and show cases in German living rooms.
Biller layout of 1958 - items sold in 2009 since grand children didn't show any interest. Quite interesting are the wooden supports - they showed up again in 2013. This very famous and patented building-brick was established in 1935 by Kurt Schiffler, who founded the DUSYMA factory in 1925.

Factory data are taken from

Model Train Exhibition of the MCG 83 Frankfurt / Germany - incl. some Biller parts. Most of the exhibition was organized by members of the Frankfurter Feldbahn Museum. Happy to see even young people enjoying to work / play with the Billerbahn. See the Maerklin Slant towing a Biller gondola 502!!! There is a video at Youtube available for the 2013 convention.

lots of Biller toys - and a Joustra airfield

Holger Meinel's Fleischmann Gauge 0 and Biller Layout - as seen in a German TV report DEZ 2006 From another TV report in 1998

Holger Meinel'S Fleischmann Gauge 0 and Biller Layout

Eisenbahn Romantik 1998

"crowded" - by "the Boss" a very old collection - rarely played with
crowded rarely played with
The beginning of a new collection Students Flat
new collection Student's flat - no money - but Biller :-)
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