Sven Burchartz and his Layout

Sven is 16 years old (beginning of 2014) and built the Biller system shown here in a very short time. Minimal - with maximum effect. Great details - with accessories typical of the time - or ingeniously built and designed by himself.

He himself writes: "I got my interest in the railroad at the age of 5 on a St. Nicholas trip at the Selfkantbahn Kleinbahnmuseum. In the following years I had several systems, but was never satisfied because I never got the dust under control, which is why no flowing train traffic worked. After that, my interest in the model railway was gone for a long time, but this was rekindled by a trip on the Fichtelbergbahn and the Brockenbahn. And so I looked for a train where dust wasn't a problem I then went for the sheet metal railroad and of all the sheet metal railways I liked Biller's one best. A short time later I started building the 108 x75 cm facility, which took exactly 1 month ".

Without further comment on my part - just enjoy.
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