TCA - Boston Toy Show


March - 12th - 2006

David Schwarz wrote: "This morning Lew Schneider and I put together an operating Biller layout at a Train Collectors Association (TCA) show in the Boston area.

I brought my 601 freight set, and Lew brought an operating crane, passenger cars, banana car, a clockwork diesel, a battery diesel, and additional track. Lew also brought a terrific collection of catalogues and other Biller paper. We received a lot of great feedback, with at least three people interested in buying the layout. Several young children were particularly enthralled, and one boy came back four times. With the full freight consist, we used an electric pusher locomotive to assist the clockwork locomotive at the head of the train. This saved us from frequent winding. A good time was had by all".


simple layout

sceptical ???

Lew Schneider added: "We really had a great time and it was amazing to see the positive response to Biller. On the other hand, it is hard to believe that these were "Spielzeuge" - play toys.

1. Cars would often leave the track if accidentally bumped and naturally if the track separated. And several times the track would separate.
2. Hard to couple
3. Other times hard to uncouple
4. If the locomotive was too fast it would often leave the track
entering a switch (points)".

different train compositions

under close supervision

David - obviously enthusiastic Lew and David - full of inspiration
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