901 - Mini Sport "Road Race"


spring coil drive, operated by 2 handheld cranks. The cars has a "punched through" brass-rivet at the front section. This rivet held the cars on track and made them move when the cranks were wound.

Each player is his own driver - car speed depends on proficiency of the player. Cars known to be in red, blue, green and yellow. This game was the first of its kind made by Biller.

Novelty 1964 - available until ???

Seize: 480 x 240 x 65 mm


Race track and box the "Olympic Oval" start zone
hand cranked spring coil race track going Olympic Le Mans start zone
race cars - showing the brass-rivets  Race cars - 2 most probably as shown in the 1964 Specialties catalogue

Race cars incl. imprinted No.3

Race cars in green and yellow

Werbung Mitte der 60er Jahre

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