504 - Crew wagon

available 1953 - 1965
These figures were made by Fröha (Frömter Hans) in Hilpoltstein / Bavaria - Germany. This factory was well known especially for producing the figures and supplements for Josef Neuhierl (Carrera Race Tracks). This company still exists.

3 crew in 8 different variations / paintings were sitting on a bench - here an orange bench

sitting on a bright-brown bench - and red hat

crew on orange bench


now sitting on a dark-brown bench

unpainted massive crew from the factory's archives. These figures were originally designed as "Tractor drivers" for GAMA, Kellermann and Tipp & Co  - but Biller took them (slightly modified) as working crew for the 504 and trucks.
504 mit dunkelbrauner Bank

also available with plastic crew - sitting on a brown or -  as here - orange bench

Plastic crews were produced after 1963 - here we have the unpainted red and blue version. Everything except the shirt was hand-painted by mainly female home workers in the Nuremberg area.
orange bench with plastic crew

The mould for the plastic figures. A quite heavy piece of tool - 12,6 Kg

This original mould for the Crew was sold at ebay Germany 07th JAN 2011 for 357 EUR.
Crew-wagon re-make

this is a complete re-make - green chassis with cream bench. Red crew available as well.

For "Spare Crew" please visit the "Tipps" page for more information

cream bench - crew re-makes

Die verschiedenen Sitzbänke

benches in beige, orange, bright- and dark-brown


now the chassis is light blue - the bench is cream - the figures are always plastic

plastic figures in red, blue, yellow and white
plastic crew

The figures of the 1st series had suspenders on the back - NOT the one wearing the dark blue workers suite. Today these figures suffer from an obviously bad composition of material. Later crews had another "mixture" and the suspenders disappeared.

The figures were of different heights of  42 mm or 44 mm. This was depending on the "haircut or hat". Trousers Brown or Blue. Hair, as far as visible, Brown.

Crewmen wearing yellow and light blue shirt. No caps, the light blue man with bend arm, brown shoes

Figures with yellow and light blue shirt, both wearing bent caps, arms straight on the thigh, black shoes

normal and bent-up cap

Figure wearing dark blue workers suite, brown "normal" cap, arms straight on the thigh


red shirt and red cap

Figure wearing red shirt, dark blue or beige bent cap, arms straight on the thigh, brown shoes

also seen with red shirt and bent red cap

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