1902 - Electric Mini-Sport Road Race


nearly same name as the 901 ROAD RACE scene - however the layout has changed, spring coil drive by two 3 Volt Bühler motors - operated by 2 fixed control panels. Generally the same as the 1410, but without tribunes and therefore not as high as the other scenes. The motors are hidden underneath the control panels - the batteries were inserted from underneath into the "Pit Stop areas". Accessories were small copper masts carrying National Flags and a "Start/Finish" banner.

It is to be assumed that this layout shall be a copy of the "Monaco Town Circuit" - displaying some urban city impressions during the race. Delivered with 2 single-wheeled Race Cars.

Novelty in 1965 - available until ???

Seize: 470 x 235 x 35 mm


Race track and the box Monaco city details having a single blue control panel as shown in the 1965 Specialties catalogue with green control panel
Die Rennbahn 1902 mit Karton Bild aus Monaco blue control panel

"how to win the race" :-)

different colours available

how to handle the race track

different colours available

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