185 - Helicopter


Helicopter with handheld crank control and lever for altitude control on left side. Novelty 1960 - and does no longer appear in the price list 1963. This 3-blade helicopter has already the rotor-brake underneath the fuselage - however no radar-antenna was installed. The Control Panel shows, beside other indicated instruments, a "real" altimeter, which, moved by the lever, indicates the current altitude. This game was available with either red-black or red-white striped base station as well as with white, red or yellow knob on the lever.

The ideal game for a basic student in Air Traffic Control :-)

Seize: 225 x 95 x 90 mm


still on the ground just after departure
prior take off airborne


the control panel with altimeter red-white striped base station and red lever
the Control Panel incl. altimeter red-white striped base station


interior of the manual version that's in the box
internal affairs corresponding imprint on the box


How to handle...

how it works - Page 1 how it works - international


189 - Helicopter


Most probably a printing mistake in the 1960 price list, since the number is crossed out and the No. 090 is written with a pencil or ball point pen behind. Else the 090 isn't listed.


190 - Radar Helicopter


Novelty in 1960 - presented as "Radar Helicopter" - 2 clockworks - on front side one wind-up key and 2 levers for altitude and direction control. Separate clockwork inside the helicopter for the drive of the rotor. The now installed radar antenna rotates together with the helicopter around the base station. Between the control knobs you can see the "control panel" including the the "radar scope" - and the inserted plastic disc with target rotates together with the movement of the helicopter

The ideal game for an advanced Air Traffic Controller :-)


shows the yellow 3-blade rotor as known from the 115 transport helicopter, a rotor brake between the gear (rotor stops automatically when landing) and yellowish base station control knobs.

having an orange 2-blade rotor, separate helicopter clockwork on/off lever and the base station has red control knobs - this helicopter version also appears at the 090 helicopter game. 

1st version

2nd version

1st Version incl. original box - rotor brake knob either white or red

Formation flight

1st version incl. box Formation flight


Radar helicopter with the "Earth" Radar station

"Special Edition"


the interior of the clockwork version

The "clever" box - could be used for the 185 manual or the 190 clockwork operated helicopter

clockwork interior

the "clever" original box


3 blade rotor version as shown in the 63 catalogue

the un-punched tin plate for the helicopter

from the 1963 "Specials"

unpunches tin-plate

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