170 E - Pilot Trainer


Article No. was stamped onto the lid - sometimes the Airline version was mentioned as well - but only sometimes.

"How to handle" and advertisement - see at the bottom of this page.

Novelty 1960 - offered until 1964.


a (nearly) MIB Deutsche Lufthansa Pilot Trainer

some more details


KLM Pilot Trainer - both fuselage sides show "KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines" - the rudder is diagonally painted in 2 different blue shades and shows a Crown and the letters KLM in red on a white round background. The passenger windows are also dual-colour highlighted.

The hand-twisted KLM-Version with complete different "Signature"

Komm - wir gehen fliegen

the control panel

Pilot Trainer Capital Airlines

Control Panel

on the box

landed - gear is down

in flight - gear is up
a MIB PanAm Pilot Trainer British European Airline as well available in Switzerland

This is how to handle the Pilot Trainer - I edited the corresponding sheet - originally it is without the picture

retailers journal "Das Spielzeug" - FEB 1960 - adverts the Pilot Trainer as Novelty

Advertisement as of the 1963 catalogue
retailers journal 1960

a leaflet issued for the 14th Nuremberg Toy Fare 1963

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