160 - Aquarium

long running clockwork. It's amazing, how 3 little fish are swimming in the water. They appear to be alive. A nice present for boys and girls. Aquarium made of plastic, cover made of colored lithographed tin - in colored cardboard box.

The 3 fish are held by a brass rivet on a transparent plastic "arm" or carrier. When the aquarium is filled with water the fish change direction each time passing the "turning point" - caused by the slightly bent tail.

Seize. 250 x 175 x 60 mm

the pool the box from top side walls side walls

the pool

the lid side wall side wall

how to handle


a 98% Remake of the160 Biller Aquarium. The Lithography is slightly different and shows a little boys while fishing. The only inscription is found underneath his left shoe and says "FOREIGN" - else there is no inscription - even not on the box. The pool is made of transparent red plastic, all 3 fishes are differently bent - and the tin plate top cover is made of one piece not as the original made of 2 parts. The box shows a different picture as well. The card board quality of the box lets me assume it was made in any East European Country - even though the "Foreign" printing may assume a pre-war German manufacturer.

unbekannter Nachbau

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