1430 - Traffic Game

including 2 HO scale cars, this time VW Bulli and a FORD 17 M, cars definitely produced by WIKING. Two  Made in Hong Kong battery operated (4x AA) motors - by means of 2 handheld control panels. Drive was achieved by 2 spring coils. Accessories were: 2 cars, 2 traffic lights for manual operation, 16 traffic signs, 1 bus station and 10 catch pins with rubber band. Novelty 1969

Seize: 540 x 450 x 85 mm

an advert in the retailers-journal "Das Spielzeug" - FEB 1969 "how to handle..." - in 4 languages
Das Spielzeug FEB 1969 How to handle How to handle - page 2
in the Box more detailed the lid how the catch pins work
Traffic game in the box Traffic gane - a little closer simply the lid that's how it works
and these cars were included in one of my sets
VW Transporter T1 Ford 17 m P3 "Badewanne" (Bath tub)

This car is the result of an internal Ford competition in 1957 - called the "Car of tomorrow". And my father is the designer of the front lamps.

Wiking VW-Bulli

Wiking Ford 17 m P3

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