battery driven (2 x 2 A) by 2 handheld control panels for speed control. 3 different colours known on the control panels. Four race cars (single-wheeled) in different colours. Battery drive by a rotating coil spring. The batteries are hidden underneath the "pit stop" areas - else the layout is flat. The spring coil motors are placed under the tribunes. The printing shows urban pictures - most probably of the Monaco City Race Track. Tribunes known to be grey or light green.

Novelty 1966 - available until 1970

Seize: 480 x 245 x 65 mm

dark blue control panels

pictures appear to be the same - they are not

1410 Race track in box

1410 race track ready to be played with

Monaco City details

more Monaco City details

also available with red hand controls


   light blue / green control panels

another Version showing the Litho of the 410 or 1902 track

colour variation

and some more variation...

  with light blue speed controllers colour varieties race car variations 2




Basically the same figure-8 Road Race as described above - now with hand-held cranks instead on battery drive. Lithography as known from the 1902 - Box from the 901 oval Race Track. Spring coil entry points green - instead of red as seen at the 1902.

Novelty 1966 - available until at least 1968

Seize: 480 x 245 x 65 mm

overview left side right side hand-crank
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