1330 - Davis Cup


Novelty 1973. This game consists of 2 identical plastic parts which were placed opposite together. Both parts were connected by a net which was extended in the middle. Both "tennis racks" were operated manually. The score could be adjusted accordingly - close to the center of the game  - by hand.
I received this toy in FEB 2016. This is the 2nd game I have knowledge of - and is absolutely complete including the original box and in a good shape. My special gratitude goes to Tattendorf close to Vienna / Austria where this game was found while cleaning up the attic.

Seize: 660 x 210 x 70 mm 


the mounted Court Yard

the net ready to serve  

mounted Court Yard

the net ready to serve both halfs identical


Advertising - at that era only outside the Court

The Box Rules - in 6 languages. Same printing on both sides underneath the rules each side a different picture was shown


The box Rules in DE - GB and FR Rules also in IT, SWE and ES 2 different pictures


The label including the price of 69 Austrian Schilling - at that time approx 10 DEM or 4 $

der Preis
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