1302 - APOLLO Rescue Helicopter

battery driven (4 x AA). Altitude and direction are subject to control. The Apollo Space Shuttle could be picked up by using the hook underneath the helicopter - clever stopping, landing, starting and turning the helicopter mediated realistic feeling. Depending on the direction flying - the helicopter always turns that way. The always stretcher could be taken out of the rear section. The helicopter is either Yellow or Blue - the hook on the blue version made of blue plastic or tin at the yellow version.

Both motors - in the helicopter and underneath the base - were "Made in Hong Kong"!!! The rods were used for altitude control and power supply towards the motor inside the helicopter. Moving the power lever at the front control "just a little" lets just the rotor rotate - if you push it further the base starts to rotate as well. Thus hovering or flight could be simulated.

Known deficiencies: the main- and tail-rotor fixations often missing (broken off) - the plastic pivot underneath the helicopter is broken - the stretcher or Apollo capsule missing - the lid showing holes because the rotor axis was pressed upwards by base internal spring power.

Seize: 470 x 240 x 100 mm    Novelty in 1970

the original box - always showing the yellow version - always shown with a blue plastic pivot the yellow Rescue Helicopter
the original box the yellow Rescue Helicopter
the blue Rescue Helicopter the control panel: at the red position the rotor starts to rotate and thus allows to hover, at the blue positions the basis start to turn as well and lets the heli fly. The blue level controls the altitude.
the blue Rescue Helicopte the control panel

both known versions in comparison

and the yellow helicopter - showing the stretcher and the "rescued person"
both versions the stretcher section
little bag with all the original accessoiries "How to handle..." on both sides of the box. One side in German and English, the other side explains in French and Italian. The altitude control lever is shown in red - on the "real" model so far only seen in blue. 1/2 battery compartment (2 x AA) is serving the rotor - the other half to turn the base.. 
original accessories  How to handle part 1  How to handle part 2  the battery compartment 
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