1299 - Rescue Station

Rescue Helicopter, battery driven (4 x A). Altitude and direction are subject to control. The helicopter carries a hooked-on rescue car underneath. One injured person could be transported on a stretcher in the tail section. Blue or Yellow helicopter. The Ambulance car delivered together with this toy was made by JEAN - a German Toy factory.

Both motors - in the helicopter and underneath the base - were "Made in Hong Kong"!!! The rods were used for altitude control and power supply towards the motor inside the helicopter. Moving the power lever at the front control "just a little" lets just the rotor rotate - if you push it further the base starts to rotate as well. Thus hovering or flight could be simulated.

Known deficiencies: the main- and tail-rotor fixations often missing (broken off - blue helicopter on the right) - the plastic pivot underneath the helicopter is broken - the stretcher or Ambulance car missing - the lid showing holes because the rotor axis was pressed upwards by base internal spring power.

Seize: 470 x 240 x 100 mm

Blue Helicopter more detailed
Add-ons and new in the original box
the box always shows the blue helicopter - and a red base station??? the yellow version

the "base operations" display

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