060 - Bimbo 


BIMBO in a car, clockwork, Clown shows surprising and amusing play effects by executing intermediate stops and doing some artistic roundabouts.

Being wound-up, the Clown is altering his position within the car - changing his point of gravity - and thus performing different circles supported by a 5th wheel underneath the rear part of the car.

This toy was patented MAR-03-1951.

Seize: 120 x 65 x 85mm


on the box

the other side from the front from the rear

Bimbo on the box

the other side the front from the rear - incl. key


a version showing a copper steering wheel and bright grey hands without lithography

combined advert - 070 Figuro and 060 Bimbo

with P.A. stamp without  P.A.-stamp

mit P.A. Stempel

ohne P.A. Stempel

Later this BIMBO was as well produced by JOUSTRA of France, showing the word "BIMBO" on the radiator grille of the red version - available as well in blue - without inscription.

even though its JOUSTRA - appears to be the same box ... another remake of unknown origin

Remakes von vorne

und von hinten

unbekannter Herkunft
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