050 - Slugger Champions 

clockwork, boxed, said to be new in 1963 even though already on a list of 1953 - displaying the famous fight of Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling. 

Seize: 95 x 95 x 95 mm

"Fight's on"

the really nice box


advertising leaflet from the 50ies - showing race Cars and the Slugger Champions

Race cars and Sluggers as advert


Remakes - or predecessors

Here you see a "fake" / remake of the famous Biller Slugger Champions made in Shanghai and still produced. The difference can be seen at "the make" of the bottom. Clockwork access from below.

Slugger remake made in Shanghai ... and the "Fake box"


British remake of the Slugger Champs - clockwork accessible from the side

british remake of the Biller sluggers

And this is the predecessor of the BILLER champs - made by MARX approximately 1920

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